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How to prepare the best cuts

11 June 2021 / Team Cuisine /


Take your meat dishes to the next level – we will show you how to prepare your favourite cut to perfection with the sous-vide method.
Each type of meat requires special treatment, because each cut needs different cooking times and temperatures.
For best results, purchase your meat from a premium retailer.
We achieved excellent results with the five different cuts of meat that we tested – read on to find out more!

1. THE CLASSIC: Beef fillet

Original product: 300 g US Black Angus Filet Chateau 300g*

A beef fillet usually consists of three parts:
The tip, the centre-cut, and the head.
The Filet Chateau is from the centre-cut, the most prized of the three cuts.
This cut can be used to prepare medallions or chateaubriand.

Regardless of how you prepare your fillet, it’s very important to ensure that the meat is not exposed to high temperatures.
If you use the sous-vide method, only cook the fillet for the required cooking time.
Beef fillet is one of the most tender cuts – when overcooked, it dries out quickly and acquires an unpleasant consistency.

Our recommendation:

2 hours at 55 degrees in the sous-vide bath + finish in the pan

After removing the fillet from the packaging, we noticed that there was almost no juice – this is a sign of good quality meat. We carefully pat the fillet dry and placed it in a suitable film bag.
In terms of flavour enhancers, we decided to use only olive oil, as beef fillet is a very tender cut with a delicate flavour.
Herbs such as rosemary or thyme would make a good pairing.


The fillet was a real dream! Perfectly pink in the middle with a harmonious flavour and delicate nutty notes .
It had a tender consistency, and the final searing in the pan produced a delicious smoky crust.
For the searing, add plenty of butter, a few sprigs of rosemary and thyme and a clove of garlic to the pan.
This helps to accentuate the flavours of the meat without overpowering the dish.


500 g Australian Black Angus Rib Eye Steak*

Our recommendation:

4 hours at 56 degrees in the sous-vide bath + finish on the grill

The rib-eye is a favourite among steak lovers. It is cut from the front part of the back and features characteristic marbles of fat, as well as four muscle strings.
It has a rich, meaty flavour, and is a real favourite among steak fans.

‘The rib-eye can tolerate intensive flavour pairings – we added Mediterranean herbs, olive oil, garlic and smoked salt to the vacuum bag.

The rib-eye is everything that you would expect from a good steak:
Rich, intense and flavoursome.
A simple yet delicious way to prepare this tender cut of meat.


Original product: 500 g US Prime Rumpsteak Creekstone Farms*

Our recommendation:

Cook for 45 minutes at 54 degrees per cm thickness + finish in an 800 degree top-heat grill

The rump steak is also right at the top of the list of popular cuts. It is cut from the rear part of the back and is often used to prepare roast beef.
It features a characteristic layer of fat that runs along one side of the meat.

Thanks to its fat content, rump steaks have a firm, juicy texture with an intense natural flavour.

The rump steak was our personal favourite – the consistency was perfect and the meat had a nutty and intense flavour.
Thanks to the layer of fat, it was also irresistibly juicy and aromatic.


Original product: 800 g Spanish Iberico Secreto 800g*

Our recommendation:

3 hours at 58 degrees + finish in the oven, on the grill or in an 800 degree top-heat grill

Iberico pigs live semi-wild in Spanish acorn forests and are reared in a free-range environment. Unlike normal domestic pigs, they are not fattened and grow slowly in natural surroundings.
Iberico meat is prized for its unusual texture.
The muscle strings are interspersed with marbles of fat, which gives Iberico a surprisingly tender texture compared with other types of pork.

Also worth knowing:
Iberico has a rich nutty flavour due to the pig’s acorn-based diet.

The cooked meat looks great – it’s very rare to see pork with a marbled texture like this!
After the sous-vide bath, we finished the Iberico by cooking it briefly in an 800-degree top-heat grill.
The result was a phenomenal crust, a well-balanced flavour and a pleasant texture.
A real feast for the taste buds for all food lovers – not just pork fans!


Original product: 250 g saddle of venison*

Our recommendation:

30 minutes at 55 degrees + finish in the pan


Sustainable, healthy and eco-friendly: When we unpacked the meat, we could see that it had a very fine, tender texture with a dark-red colour that is typical for game.
Important: Calculate the cooking time carefully, as cooking for too long will ruin the texture and result in dry meat.

The meat is pink in the middle, tender and rich, just as good quality game should be .
The intense, aromatic flavour goes very well with dark sauces.


The sous-vide method brings out the best in all 5 cuts.
The more delicate the texture, the more important it is not to cook the meat for too long.
In our test, we had to be particularly careful with the beef fillet and saddle of venison.
While it’s not possible to overcook anything when using the sous-vide method, cooking for too long can have negative impact on the texture, which can be annoying when using a high-quality cut of meat.

When finishing the meat, use a lower temperature for meats with a more delicate texture.
Although rib-eye and rump steak can withstand cooking under the grill or an 800-degree top-heat grill, beef fillet and saddle of venison are more sensitive, and we would recommend finishing in the pan.
Only the Iberico is a true all-rounder in this respect.
In terms of flavour, all of the cuts tasted great – choosing a favourite really comes down to personal preference.
After all, given the high-price tag, people tend to choose their favourite cut.
We were impressed by the quality of all 5 cuts, and the delivery process was secure and convenient.

Photo by Malidate Van from Pexels



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